Compact And Reliable Hasselblad X1D Camera

Even though the Hasselblad X1D Camera is actually one of the brand’s cheapest offerings, it’s actually one of the most expensive cameras on the market, as it costs $9,000. So what do you get for this spicy price tag? Well, this is actually the first medium format mirrorless camera in the world, and this alone makes up for a big chunk of its asking price.

Boasting a generous 50-megapixel CMOS sensor that’s 68 percent larger when compared to the Canon EOS 1DX or the Sony A7RII, this product offers better dynamic range, outstanding depth of field and enhanced colors. It’s also worth noting that the camera was created entirely by hand, and that it is completely dust and weatherproof. Other highlights include a pair of SD card slots, Wi-Fi, a miniHDMI port, audio in/out, USB-C and an XGA Electronic Viewfinder.

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