Compact and Cozy PODhouses by ROB Gmbh

ROB Gmbh (Robust Outdoor Brands) is a Switzerland-based company that has found a wonderful new solution to your camping needs: the PODhouse. The compact wooden structure can be used as a private holiday dwelling, or even a nice little office in the garden. It is composed of prefabricated modules of high-quality materials that ensure effective protection against the elements, even during winter in the Alps.

Planning for the project started back in 2003, and numerous improvements have been made to the PODs until now. Using FSC certified wood essences, advanced insulation methods, and double-glazed doors and windows, the company created small structures that have a minimal impact on the environment, and which boast remarkable durability.

Before purchasing your own POD, you can test the concept at the PODhotel in Flims, Switzerland. For $61 per night, you can experience the comfort of these small holiday dwellings equipped with electricity, light, and heating. They come with two or three beds, but they do not have any en-suite bathroom facilities as well.

If you find the experience worth reliving, then you might want to purchase your own POD, and maybe even throw in some extra options too. You could to extend it with a special and easy-to-install module (you’ll gain approximately 6.5 extra feet), and even add a solar panel on the roof. Your PODhouse will be delivered to you fully assembled, and you will only have to pay $10,830 for it.

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