Coastal Luxury Living in Florida on a Budget

When you think about living in a coastal city, it tends to make you think its going to be quite expensive. But not all coastal cities are expensive, and you might be surprised that Florida offers some luxurious, waterfront living you can afford. Being one of the largest states in the country, Florida’s unique peninsula shape provides thousands of miles of beautiful coastline, on both sides of the state. Of course, there are ultra-expensive waterfront cities like, Miami, Naples, and Clearwater. But you can still find luxury homes, set on the water in Florida for reasonable prices.

Hutchinson Island – Jensen Beach

Located on Florida’s Treasure Coast, which is about an hour north of Miami, you will find a beautiful strip of land located, on one of Florida’s last natural Barrier-Reefs. Hutchinson Island is set between the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the St Lucie River on the other. You couldn’t find a more beautiful place to live if you enjoy being outdoors, swimming, or boating.

Hutchinson Island is mainly condo buildings, with some single-family home communities too. However, the best deals are in the condo section and Hutchinson Island has thousands of condos in dozens of different and unique buildings. Typical prices for 1, and 2-bedroom condos range from $225 to $495, depending on the size, and location of the unit. So, if you wanted to face the ocean directly on a higher level within the building, that condo would be closer to the top prices. Still a bargain when you live directly on the Ocean and Riverfront in the sunshine state.

St Lucie County

Another place where you can find luxurious single-family homes on the water, is in Port St Lucie. One of the best places to live and recently voted “the safest city” it offers a multitude of housing options, on, or near the water. This Florida city still has vacant waterfront lots available where you can build a custom home to your specific needs and budget. Plus, there are plenty of homes, set directly on the St Lucie River, with breathtaking views year-round.

This family friendly community offers plenty of things to do from being outdoors, in the water, or out and about in the bustling town center.

The best part is that Port St Lucie Real Estate prices are still very affordable. It won’t be that way for long because the healthy housing market is poised to gain 7%-10% in 2019. But you can still find waterfront homes for sale under $600k.

Vero Beach

Also located on the Treasure Coast at the northern most part is Vero Beach. Also set on the same Barrier Reef as Hutchinson Island, the area is becoming more popular with folks looking to retire is style, without breaking the bank. It’s a smaller town feel here, but still has enough modern infrastructure to be connected to the bigger cities to the south.

You can find a selection of Vero Beach Real Estate to choose from, which is comprised of single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and waterfront villas. Out of all the waterfront cities to live, you can find the most value in Vero Beach. Homes start in the mid $100’s and living in luxury can be found under $500k.


With a bustling economy the home values are going up by the minute. But if your looking for an affordable way to live in luxury, on the water, then Florida may be right for you. Either way keep your eyes out for the perfect home, in a luxurious Florida city soon.

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