Cliff House Project by Scott Allen

Designed by Scott Allen, a Bainbridge Island-based architect, the Cliff House is a remarkable contemporary home in Gig Harbor, Washington. It was built on the water’s edge and against a rocky cliff, keeping it closely connected to the environment.

This was actually a restoration project, as the residence was erected to replace an older boathouse and guesthouse. Two new structures were born, both of them opened towards the shimmering water and offering superb views of the harbor. They are connected to each other by a series of decks, stairs and terraces. A nice outdoor living area with an outdoor fireplace and a pizza oven fills the space between the main house and the new boathouse.

The green roof of the residence is actually an extension of the upland lawn, and it plays an important role in the house’s sustainable character. From here, access to the house is possible via a staircase or via a glass elevator. Glass is actually a dominant material in the Cliff House, contributing to its airy and open design.

Being so close to the water, the house needed to be constructed using carefully-selected materials that could resist the damaging influences of the marine environment. These materials include concrete, cedar, copper, glass, and metal window cladding.

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