Classy Bicicletto Electric Bicycle

Classy Bicicletto Electric Bicycle 1

German, English, American and Japanese automakers are known for creating incredibly reliable cars, but we all know that Italy is the country that manufacturers some of the most stylish and beautiful vehicles, whether we’re talking about Lamborghini supercars or classy Vespa scooters. The same applies when it comes to electric bicycles, and here we have a perfect example of pure Italian craftsmanship.

Classy Bicicletto Electric Bicycle 1 Classy Bicicletto Electric Bicycle 2 Classy Bicicletto Electric Bicycle 3 Classy Bicicletto Electric Bicycle 4 Classy Bicicletto Electric Bicycle 5

Dubbed Bicicletto, this electric vehicle has an innovative design that puts it somewhere between a bicycle and a motorcycle. It can be equipped with an electric throttle, and its looks were inspired by classic motorcycles but with a modern twist. The product is available in three different versions named Tradizione Italiana, SPA Edition and Canvas.

The first model flaunts a matte black frame and is powered by a 250W engine that ensures a top speed of about 15mph. The engine gets its juice from a 36V battery, which guarantees a range of about 56 miles. The SPA Edition features a 35W engine, which is powered by the same battery. This means that even though the top speed has increased to 31mph, the range has decreased to 43 miles. Finally, the Canvas model boasts a tailor made look as well as technical specifications implemented according to the owner’s preferences.

Classy Bicicletto Electric Bicycle 13 Classy Bicicletto Electric Bicycle 10 Classy Bicicletto Electric Bicycle 14

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