Citation Ten – The World’s Fastest Business Jet

Cessna Aircraft Company announced yesterday the launch of the Citation Ten. If you are an aircraft lover, then you must have heard of the Citation X, the fastest business jet in the world. Well, the Ten is nothing less than an upgraded version of the X.

Jack Pelton, the chairman, president and CEO of Cessna declared himself proud to present this new jet as an illustration of the company’s determination to remain in top by bringing new and highly advanced products on the market. He also said “I am very comfortable referring to our new Citation Ten CMS as revolutionary”.

The highlights of this new and larger Citation model are the more powerful and highly efficient Rolls Royce engines, the Garmin G5000 avionics suite and the Cessna revolutionary cabin management system. There also are important design alterations to complete the project.

So if you’ve been planning on getting yourself a private jet for a long time now, maybe this is the perfect moment for you to make a move.

Citation Ten – The World’s Fastest Business Jet

Citation Ten – The World’s Fastest Business Jet

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