Christies Sells Historic Belle Vue House in London

Currently on the market by Christie’s International Real Estate, this beautiful residence in Chelsea, London, UK is a historic home with a remarkable past. It is called Belle Vue House and it was build back in 1777 where the original Beaufort House used to be. The latter was the London residence of the Duke of Beaufort.

For the special visit of Queen Victoria herself, the mansion received the special canopy over the front house. Her majesty apparently needed the space to meet the owner in a private environment where she would be protected by the elements. Back then the mansion was owned by statesman and author Benjamin Disraeli. Pre-Raphaelite painter William Bell Scott was also a tenant of the house.

Offering 8,436 sq ft of living space, including 4 bedrooms, a large entrance hall with staircase, plenty of living and entertaining areas, and 3 bathrooms, the home boasts amazing views over the Thames. Also part of the property are the big rear garden, a 3-car garage, and off street parking spaces. You can have a look at the lavish interiors in the photo gallery below.