Choosing a Real Estate Agent to Sell your Property: Online Solutions

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If you are looking to sell up and relocate, you will require the services of a real estate agent, and with so many agents, it can seem a bit daunting to choose one to facilitate the sale of your property. Thankfully, there are online solutions that come in the form of an agent-finding service.

Real Estate Agent-Finding Service

Some forward-thinking entrepreneurs saw the need for an agent-finding service and provided a digital platform that connects sellers with buyers, while enabling the potential seller to screen all real estate agents that are registered. The seller can access the following information about any of the registered agents:

  • Total number of units sold this year/month.
  • Average number of days a property is on the market.
  • Average sale price of sold units.
  • Current rate of commission charged.

The agent-finding service enables sellers to find real estate agents that are competitive and more importantly, agents that perform well, moving more units than the average, and with a fixed commission, you know where your money is being spent.

Why Use an Agent-Finding Service?

As you would expect, there are many real estate agents, as properties come on the market and are sold, and rather than taking a chance and selecting one at random, if you use an agent-finding service, you can easily assess every aspect of what is out there, and what’s more, the platform allows contact with any agent that you choose. On the subject of selling your property, here are a few tips from the experts.

Search, Compare and Connect

The agent-finder’s website is very easy to navigate, and it begins with selecting ‘sell’ or ‘rent’, then a series of information fields appear; asking when you plan to sell, your reasons for selling. Then you enter the property postcode, which brings up a list of agents that cover that area, and you can begin to compare by looking at the information provided about each of the agents on the list.

Virtual Property Inspections

Most real estate agents offer virtual inspections of their clients’ properties, which allows a potential buyer to virtually experience every room in the house, along with a view around the perimeters. Those who are looking to buy or rent a property like the idea of being able to experience the property in a virtual experience, and this helps them to create a shortlist of properties to view in person.

Making Contact

After comparing a few agents, you are able to contact any agent via the agent-finding website, which is more than a little convenient, and hopefully, you will enjoy a quick sale and can move on to the next exciting chapter of your life. If you would like to start the ball rolling, search online for a real estate agent finding website, and by filling in the information fields, you can very quickly begin to compare agents, both with performance and fees. Here is a link to the NSW website concerning buying and selling property, which you might find helpful.

Many Australian property owners have enjoyed a quick sale thanks to having the ability to select the most suitable agent from an agent-finding website, and if you are ready to relocate, all it takes to begin the agent-finding process is a Google search.

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