Chill Your Drinks in a Marshall Fridge Concept

It’s not at all difficult to guess who the target customers are for this special mini fridge. Created by Jim Marshall, and presented at Germany’s famed Musikmesse fair (something similar to the NAMM in the U.S.), this refrigerator looks exactly like a Marshall amp head and cabinet.

As music is always better savored with a bottle (or can) of a refreshing drink, this fridge concept is an excellent idea. It can hold up to 124 liters (4.4 cubic feet) in cans and/or bottles, and it even features a tiny freezer where ice can be kept at an optimum temperature.

Marshall did not reveal many details about this original concept, but we do know that it will be available for purchase starting this October, and that it will cost $299 per unit. We also know that the fridge was built in compliance with the Energy Star, RoHS and UL standards. It is not exactly clear whether or not the control knobs that it sports are functional, and what their purpose is.

Chill Your Drinks in a Marshall Fridge Concept

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