Chevrolet Camaro Hot Wheels Concept at SEMA

Was your childhood happier because of Hot Wheels? Chevrolet has thought of a very special way of making your adulthood happier too: they created a life-size Camaro Hot Wheels Concept car inspired by the 1/64-scale model that appeared with the original 1968 collection of Hot Wheels.

The awesome car made its debut at SEMA and impressed everyone at the event. It flaunted a chrome green paint,  satin black wheels,  black aluminum hood insert with milled vent extractors, Euro-style taillamps with inner smoked lens, Euro-style rear fascia with new diffuser, ZL1 rear spoiler, ZL1 grille with Hot Wheels badge, and much more. The engine is the standard LS3 V8. Check out the pictures below and be amazed!

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