Chenglu Villa Complex In Hainan, China

Sketched out by a company called “gad” and built in 2014, the Chenglu Villa is a remarkable residential complex that can be found in Lingshui, Hainan, in the magnificent country of China. The complex was built on a privileged location within the Qingshui Bay International Resort and is set to include no less than 12 villas out of which 2 were already completed.

Built just a stone’s throw away from the beach, the complex promises to deliver extraordinary panoramas of the waters and fine sands, but the exceptional designs of the villas themselves are equally impressive. House Ten and House Nine are the 2 residences that we mentioned before, and they both feature fantastic layouts based on a plethora of glass elements. This means that both homes feature utmost transparency and are bathed in natural light throughout the day, while the boundaries between the indoor and outdoor spaces are masterfully blurred, especially at the ground level.

Accommodations include dining rooms, family rooms, living rooms and at least 5 bedrooms that feature exquisite furnishings and decors. Kitchens are available in Chinese or western designs and boast exceptional appliances and amenities that are bound to make life very easy for the inhabitants of these lavish homes.

Apart from the impeccable living arrangements that we mentioned before, it’s also worth noting that each villa features its own spa, garden and large swimming pool. Have a look at the following images and see it all for yourself!















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