Check Out The World’s Most Expensive Rocking Horse!

The most expensive rocking horse in the world was put together by a luxury firm named The Fernandes Exquisite Creations in association with Stevenson Brothers, and it was simply named “Crystal.” This is a fitting name, of course, given the item’s exceptional Swarovski adornments, which are simply amazing to look at.

The World's Most Expensive Rocking Horse

The horse required six months of hard work in order to be complete, and it is being put on display at the Stevenson Brothers Showroom in Bethersden, Kent. Before it will become available for purchase at Harrods, the rocking horse will make its way to Monaco, where it will surely be admired by a plethora of luxury fans. Priced at $122,360, this is definitely one of the world’s most expensive toys, but it is also one of the most beautiful as well.

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