Charlie Sheen Files $100 Million Lawsuit After Getting Fired

Two and a Half Men” was really fun to watch, but it seems that it was not also fun to play in. At least this is what Charlie Sheen sais in the papers that he filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court, only days after Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre had kicked him out of the show.

The troubled 45 years old actor accuses Lorre of having “harassed and disparaged” him for years and says that the creator of the series “believes himself so wealthy and powerful that he can unilaterally decide to take money away from the dedicated cast and crew”. Chuck Lorre’s attorney replied to these accusations by calling them “recklessly false and unwarranted”, while the spokesman of Warner Bros. chose to refrain from commenting.

According to the court paper, Charlie Sheen “is not only seeking payment of his own compensation for the series, he is also pursuing claims for the benefit of the entire cast and crew”. Sheen’s contract was valid until the end of the 2012 TV season, and since he earned some $2 million per episode, it’s pretty clear why he got angry for having to leave the show earlier. He sais that he only got fired after he started to criticize Warner Bros. and Mr. Lorre in public. We’re curious to see what will happen next.charlie-sheen

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