Chanel House Sued After a Diamond Ring Mishap

Have you ever considered the risks entailed by trying on a diamond ring? Of course you haven’t! No one thinks of this gesture as of a dangerous action. However, one lady from Brooklyn has announced she will sue luxury house Chanel after having a traumatizing experience with one of their diamond rings.

Rosy Gindi decided to take Chanel to the Supreme Court after having to go to the emergency room to take off the $10,000 ring she had tried on. She and the store employees struggled for a while to remove the ring from her finger, but they didn’t succeed and finally ended up in the ER. Fortunately, the ring came off without having to be cut, but the experience seems to have been quite traumatizing for Ms. Gindi, as she and her lawyer are now determined to win the game in court.

Chanel House Sued After a Diamond Ring Mishap 

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