Caramel Architects’ 500 m² Living Room

Caramel Architects 500m² Living Room (9)

Situated at the periphery of Vienna, the 500 m² Living Room was created by Caramel Architects. The house is not at all a living room, but a four leveled modern property, surrounded by trees, greenery and a grassy meadow. It is the perfect place to have a relaxing time with your friends or watch the children play in the pure nature.

The house was built to perfectly integrate into the natural surroundings, that is why the ground-floor living and dinning area are tied to the garden in a sweeping gesture made of semitransparent polycarbonate elements, which helps retain the character of the meadow.   The material was also used in the façade of the top floor connecting the living space with the outdoors. The patch of meadow removed from the garden was placed on the rooftop, transformed in a beautiful topiary garden.