Cambridge University’s Treasures

Cambridge Universitys Treasures

Cambridge University holds a treasure of knowledge…and not only that. Recent news tell us that some of the university’s constituent colleges also hold hundreds of pounds worth of wine and other beverages in their cellars.

Churchill College, Cambridge, for instance has over 50,000 bottles of wine, fortified wine and spirits with a total value of £286,000. Jesus College also has an impressive cellar with bottles of Chateau Latour 1982. They were originally bought with £40.32 a piece, and now each bottle is worth almost £2,000.

And now for the most impressive collection of Cambridge: well kept in the cellars of Trinity College, there is a treasure of £1.67 million worth of wine bottles.

If you plan on becoming a privileged student of Cambridge University and maybe get the chance to taste one of those special wines, be ready to spend at least £9,000 annually for tuition.Cambridge Universitys Treasures