Buy Your Very Own Box in the Royal Albert Hall for £550,000

Here’s a crazy idea: why not buy yourself a five-seat box in the Royal Albert Hall in South Kensington, London? Described by Harrods Estate as a “perfect gift for a loved one”, the box will set you back no less than £550,000 (approx. $890,000). Its 865-year lease is completed by an annual service charge of £600 for each seat, but if you like the company of sophisticated rich people or you simply want to entertain your business partners in a very special way, the you should be ready to shell out the money.

Many of the total 1,300 boxes are owned by esteemed rich people, including the royal family, and apparently this is the only one to still feature its original mirrored panels and timber veneer. The hall was opened in 1871, so you know that your purchase will hold an important historical value as well.Buy Your Very Own Box in the Royal Albert Hall for £550,000



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