Bulldog Motorcycle Concept By Honda

The thrill of riding a motorcycle is a unique and rewarding experience, but not all motorcycles are built for the same purpose. Indeed, some are designed to be ridden on tracks, which is why they pack overwhelming amounts of horsepower, while others are more comfort-orientated. The Bulldog motorcycle concept by Honda was envisioned as a “Loveable Touring Partner”, and so it is capable of providing carefree riding sessions.

It is powered by a liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC inline 2-cylinder 400cc engine that feels at home on country roads as well as on city streets. The bike’s low center of gravity and its 15-inch wide-tires ensure a healthy amount of grip, which is one less thing to worry about while admiring the scenery. The concept also comes with accessory storage space on the sides of its fuel tank, and there’s even a carrier included for camping enthusiasts. The Bulldog was unveiled during the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, where it was received with open arms.



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