Builtwell Revives the Famous Brough Superior Bike

Motorcycle enthusiasts will be thrilled to learn that Builtwell decided to revive the outstanding Brough Superior SS100 racer. The success it had right after its launch in the 1930s determined Builtwell Specialty Shop to bring the bike back to production, only with several modern upgrades.

The new Brough Superior will be created in a very limited number and future owners will only get their first bikes in summer 2012. The company has announced that they are already overwhelmed with orders, as the order book is full until 2013.

Also known as the “Rolls Royce of Motorcycles”, the Brough Superior won numerous races back when it was first made. The famous vehicle is still hand-built today, and it boasts handcrafted leather upholstery, brass finished fittings and some performance upgrades, among other improvements. Beautifully merging old and new, the racer will set you back $250,000.Builtwell Revives the Famous Brough Superior Bike  (1)Builtwell Revives the Famous Brough Superior Bike (2)

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