Bugatti Bella Figura Type 57S Coupe from Deahaye

Bugatti Bella Figura Type 57S Coupe from Deahaye (7)

Jean Bugatti’s elegant Type 57S is now available for all classic car lovers, but this time it comes with a twist. It’s actually a replica of the original beauty and it’s highly customizable, to ensure maximum personalization for each unit.

Delahaye USA worked for three long years on this project, and now they finally unveiled the carbon fiber replica of he car, called the Bella Figura. Widened and stretched, this version of the car can hold two six-foot-six passengers in  maximum comfort. The new coupe is adapted to the contemporary world with air conditioning, modern engines, power windows, steering and brakes and other 21st century features.

Designed and built in the States, the Bella Figura can be ordered with a right hand or left hand drive. But this is just the beginning of the customization possibilities: engine, fabrics, colors, these are all available in different versions. The carbon fiber body or hybrid material will set you back some $36,500 to $44,900 and you can even ask for a gel coat finish ($29,900) on which you can then apply your own paint. You can as well opt for painted aluminum or a mirror finish body for $190,000 to $240,000.

As far as engines go, customers can adapt their car to the available budget. They can choose a V12 Mercedes, a 6.2-liter LSA Cadillac, or a 5-liter V12 M70 BMW. Other options include fender skirts, radiator caps, steering wheels, steering columns, louvered locker panels and much more. The list is almost endless. In the end, a Bugatti Bella Figura Type 57S Coupe from Delahaye can set you back between $250,000 and $450,000, or even more, if you really care about personalization.