Britain’s Most Expensive Mansion for Sale: £300 Million!

It’s not every day that a magnificent home like this goes on the market. We are no longer talking about regular luxury homes –this one is more than anything we’ve listed before. Even though we’ve seen all the stories of new opulent residences, such as Mukesh Ambani’s 27-story Antilia  tower home, or Vijay Mallya’s White House  built on top of a 32-story building, this residence is much more impressive due to its premiere location and significant history.

The building was initially erected as four distinct homes, but later it became one single dwelling with seven levels and multiple elevators. Located in London, and overlooking Hyde Park, this mansion used to belong to Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri. The list of amenities it boasts is simply staggering: besides its 45 lavish bedrooms, the house also includes an industrial kitchen – no surprise here, with so many accommodation facilities – a lavish swimming pool, and much, much more.

The current asking price for this masterpiece is £300 million (approx. $487 million), which is more than twice the previous record for the most expensive home in Britain!

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