Bring a Little Pop Glamour to Your Conversations

Called the Crystal POP phone, this glamorous handset is a Native Union creation meant to bring the star out of you. It is the perfect accessory for bling lovers, studded with hundreds of Swarovski crystals and boasting a retro design. The 3.5 mm jack allows you to use the handset with most smartphones and tablets, including Blackberrys, iPhones and iPads.

Not only that it looks great, but it’s also got health benefits. With this luxe phone you can make a statement about your style while being protected from radiations by up to 99%. Famous names like Courtney Cox , Heidi Klum, Daniel Craig and Lenny Kravitz already have Crystal POP phones, so why not get yours? They are available in pink, silver, black, purple or red. The price is $600.Bring a Little Pop Glamour to Your Conversations



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