Breathtaking Zonda Revolucion By Pagani

The last embodiment of the famous Zonda supercar by Pagani comes in the form of the Zonda Revolucion, which was unveiled officially during the Geneva Motor Show. Boasting a very aggressive design based on blue and black carbon fiber panels, the Zonda Revolucion was built specifically for a wealthy Japanese client, since the asking price for such a remarkable toy is no less than $3 million.

Since it officially marks the end of Zonda’s production, the Revolucion is a remarkable example of great looks and immense power capabilities. As a matter of fact, the car is not exactly road legal but was created to be driven exclusively on the track. The powertrain of the Zonda Revolucion is based on a naturally aspirated AMG V12 that delivers no less than 800 horsepower.

As far as its official performance capabilities are concerned, Pagani did not release any specific numbers, but since we’re talking about 800 horsepower and a very low curb weight, it’s safe to assume that they would be quite impressive.




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