Breathtaking BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

Seeing as high-end cars get better looking and more luxurious as the years go by, it’s always nice to sit back and imagine what the future holds for automobile enthusiasts. As far as BMW fans are concerned, they have every reason to feel excited especially since the renowned German automaker recently unveiled its incredible BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept.

Unshrouded in Beijing, this stunning luxury sedan offers a glimpse into the future of the 7-series. Boasting an elegant yet somewhat intimidating exterior design, this car is the very embodiment of lavishness on 4 wheels. Its main highlights involve clamshell doors as well as silk carpeting and aniline leather, but we should also mention the outstanding instrument panel that comprises 3 displays and offers a plethora of useful information regarding traffic conditions, hazards and speed limits.

You can admire this stunning concept yourself by browsing through the image gallery we attached below.







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