Brabus Rocket 800 Fast and Furious

With a history in creating the world’s fastest street legal sedans, such as the Brabus Rocket back in 2006 and the Brabus SV12R from 2009, German tuner Brabus has unveiled the new Brabus Rocket 800 at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Based on the Mercedes-Benz CLS, and reaching speeds of 230 mph, this car is the fastest street-legal sedan in the world. The Rocket 800 is powered by a Brabus 6.3-litre, twin-turbo, V12 that punches out 588kW and 1420Nm, which in the car is limited to 1,100 Nm. With 800 hp, seven-speed automatic transmission, the Rocket 800 can reach an ultimate speed of more than 230 mph in a certain configuration. Unfortunately it is limited to just 217 mph for on-road excursions, but it still reaches 0-62 mph in just 3.7 seconds.

Several exterior updates have been made to go with the extra power: large air intakes, a rear wing, a rear diffuser and widened wheel arches. Grey leather and high-gloss-polished black piano wood have been used for the interior design. For such an aerodynamic car, an ergonomic driver’s cabin design with a steering wheel with aluminum shift paddles, pedals and footrest was a must. If this magnificent sedan ‘winks’ at you, be ready to shell out $582,000 for one of the fastest luxury sedans in the world.

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