Bottega Veneta’s Limited Edition KPM Porcelain Knot Clutch

Bottega Veneta celebrates 250 years of fine porcelain manufacturing from KPM (KoeniglichePorzellan-Manufaktur), a Berlin-based company with a rich history. KPM is one of the oldest and prestigious manufacturers of porcelain products in Europe and it shares key values with the Italian luxury brand: quality, tradition and innovation.

In order to commemorate this special event in KPM’s history, Bottega Veneta created a limited edition version of one of its most coveted clutch designs, the Knot. Each piece features a sterling plate on the inside, bearing the following inscription: “250th Anniversary KPM”. Beautiful porcelain medallions, created exclusively for the Italian company, adorn the side of the clutch.

Also for this important anniversary, Bottega Veneta has designed a new collection of high-fashion jewelry. Necklaces, rings and other items all bear stamps of authenticity and exude sophistication, which will make them irresistible for the well-heeled ladies.