Bonhams Sells Another Hildebrand & Wolfmüler Motorcycle

Probably the best automobiles auction catalogs are those of Bonhams, and they must be especially proud with what they managed to display at their auctions this year. As Bonhams CEO Malcolm Barber said, it is a special opportunity for the auctioneers to “represent two of these holy grail of motorcycles within the space of a year.”

We are talking about extremely rare Hildebrand & Wolfmüler bikes. The one that will go on sale next January is really the first vehicle to receive the “motorcycle” name, which was actually “motorrad”, in German. It was also the first powered two-wheel vehicle to enter series production.

We mentioned the fact that this will be the second Hildebrand & Wolfmüler sold by Bonhams in one year. The first one was sold earlier this year  for £86,200, which is approximately $137,250. This time they expect to sell the motorcycle for at least $130,000 to $150,000. The first annual Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction will be hosted by the Auto Collections at The Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Strip.

Bonhams will sell an extremely precious Hildebrand & Wolfmüler motorcycle at the first annual Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction.

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