BMW M Division About Developing Its Own Car

As we all know, it’s been more than two years since BMW’s M division declared it wanted its own car. But the crew was never able to make the business case. The condition was that everything they did had to make money.  Well, Inside Line brings the subject into discussion again.

Comparisons were made to other brands, such as Audi with its R8 or Mercedes-Benz AMG with the SLS. These two had a great success on the market, which gave the M division quite a challenge.

The former manager, Dr. Kay Segler, mentioned something about a 1 Series M, which was the incipit of a promising project. But the current manager said nothing about it. So…what about that M1 Hommage? Maybe it’s time for less talking and more doing.BMW M Division About Developing Its Own Car (14)BMW M Division About Developing Its Own Car (9)

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