Blazar Wireless Speaker from Beacon Audio

Blazar from Beacon Audio is an awesome gadget for high quality, highly portable music. The idea of enjoying good music and excellent sound quality without giant speakers and without any wires is very appealing, but experience has taught us that while in theory such a product always sounds great, in practice it seldom does what it promises.

Small speakers usually lack a full dynamic range and their maximum volume is never loud enough for music enthusiasts, often causing distortion at high volumes. The Blazar addresses exactly these issues and comes with solutions to each one of the aforementioned problems.

So what you get with this stylish portable speaker is a 65mm bass radiator and two 50mm drivers that work together for a flawless musical experience regardless of genre. You can even pair up two individual speakers and make them wirelesslycollaborate for a better stereo experience.

With a battery life of up to 12 hours, you can be sure that your passion for music will always be satisfied. The Blazar works with NFC, which means that all you need to do is touch your music device to the top of the Bluetooth speaker and the two will be instantly paired. Finally a wireless speaker that really impresses us!


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