Black and White Room 407 in Tokyo

Located in the Tokyo’s financial district, this amazing apartment was successfully renovated by PANDA. It is called Room 407and its entire design is based on the harmonious balance of two colors: black and white. The couple who lives here wanted a home with plenty of storage space that would allow them to keep rooms tidy and with a perpetual sense of openness.

A lot of storage opportunities mean less clutter and more elegance, which is exactly what the owners desired. Also part of the program were an inviting living/kitchen/dining area, a study, a master bedroom and a secondary bedroom dedicated to guests.The latter would keep its original role only until a baby comes, at which point it will be converted into a nursery.

We love it how the designers based the entire project on a diagonal axis and used a smart combination of black and white areas to obtain the illusion of extra space. At one point the interiors may seem a bit too sterile for some of us, but no one can deny the fact that the overall result is absolutely worthy of praise.

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