Billionaires Fighting Over Greece’s Skorpios Island

About a year ago, the extremely beautiful and equally expensive Skorpios island in Greece was reported to be the apple of discord between Giorgio  Armani, Madonna and Roman Abramovich, who all wanted to buy the paradisiacal piece of land. Back then the island was priced at $190 million. We don’t know exactly how the quarrel ended, but now the island is back on the market, determining other rich names to fight over it.

This time the asking price is $200 million and the participants to the completion seem to be Bill Gates and the royal family of Qatar. The royal family has got one significant advantage: Qatar has been helping Greece a lot with its financial problems. The island is mostly pristine and undeveloped, but it does have a luxury villa on it, known as the Pink House, with beautiful gardens and a tennis court.

The house was built by the island’s former owner, Greek billionaire Aristotle Onassis. Onassis got married to Jackie Kennedy on this island in 1968 and he built the lovely home for his wife. Now the billionaire’s granddaughter Athina Onassis Roussel is selling the property, even though some Greek authorities do not approve. We wonder who will finally be the new owner of Skorpios island.Billionaires Fighting Over Greece’s Skorpios Island



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