Best Yacht Charters in 2011

Solemates on the Caribbean

YCO, Hume Jones, Tam Priestly and Nick Heming are four charter brokers that you can trust when trying to find the best luxe destinations and haute vessels for a perfect vacation. Recently they joined forces to find and show us the top charters that deserve out attention in 2011. So here they are:

1. Alfa Nero on the Mediterranean

You and eleven other guests will find lavish accommodation on the Alfa Nero superyacht. It is a 170-feet long vessel with luxury suites, sun bathing deck and a beach club with rear pool area. With a starting price of about $1.1 million per week, you can be sure that the 28 crew members will offer you only the best services during your haute vacation.

2. Solemates on the Caribbean

You probably remember Solemates from another article of ours, where we told you how P. Diddy chartered it with his family. Well, the aforementioned brokers considered that this baby deserves to make it on this list with its spicy price (starting at $600,000) and its luxe amenities for 12 guests.

3. Athena on the South Pacific

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Twenty crew members will welcome you on this 295-foot sailing yacht from Royal Huisman. The five-cabin vessel can accommodate up to 10 guests with an approximate starting price of $328,000 per week. You can either relax on the open-air lounge on the deck, or go inside and spend a lovely time in the main salon.

4. Galaxy in Australia and New Zealand

Starting at about $334,000 per week, Galaxy boasts a stunning owner’s suite on the main deck with a glass elevator, a panoramic saloon and an interior dominated by exotic woods. The 183-foot luxury yacht will take you on an unforgettable 80,000 miles trip.

5. Cloud 9 on the Indian Ocean

The 196-foot yacht was especially built for charter, and it comes with water toys like jet skis or jet boats, custom tenders and also with a gym. It can take you around some of the most beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean for a starting price of approximately $413,000 per week.

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