Best Stocks of the Year

Best Stocks of the Year

When it comes to the world economy of the last two years, the words we are used to hearing are ‘deflation’, ‘decrease’, ‘unemployment’, ‘recession’ and of course, ‘crisis’. But there are some areas in the economic world that actually grew in 2010. We are pleased to present to you the best stocks of the year.

How does a 388% increase sound? We are talking about the shares in Isilon Systems, whose worth grew from 2$ to 34% in one year. Isilon specializes in storing-systems for video data and other similar information. But what if we told you that this is only the second most successful business on the stock market?

Yes, that’s right. The impressive 388% growth is not the biggest one in 2010; it comes right after the amazing 424% increase that makes the Bedford-based company, called Acme Packet, the business with the best annual return.

We add to the list another huge success: Netflix. The company started out as a small mail-order DVD rental outfit and continued to develop until it became a successful online provider of movie and television content. Its shares tripled in 2010.

Guess who grew some 240% in stock value this year? Plastic clogs manufacturing would probably be the last business to come to your mind. But statistics are not wrong! The company’s name is Crocs.

Then there are the Polypore International and Riverbed Technology companies which both made it on out list. The first one manufactures electric-car battery components, while the latter creates computer backup and networking equipments.

So not everything was grim this year as far as economy is concerned. This is a perfect morale booster and we hope to hear other similar great news in 2011.