Bentley to Unveil Its Latest Mulliner-Tuned Muslanne at Geneva

Bentley will unveil its 2013 Muslanne at the Geneva Auto Show next month, but what we find even more interesting is that they will also launch the latest Mulliner-improved version of the car. Called the Bentley Muslanne Mulliner Driving Specification, this vehicle is the first one to officially bear its tuner’s name.

The changes are not spectacular, but they do make a nice difference. Still powered by the same 6.75-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, the vehicle now flaunts a carefully upgraded interior with leather seats and trims, Flying B wing vents, 21-inch lightweight aluminum alloy wheels, and Mulliner’s name on the front fenders.

One of this car’s best features is it’s impressive list of options. The Sport setting for instance makes it possible for the driver to change the steering and suspension setup for an enhanced driving experience. Customers will also be able to personalize their Muslanne by choosing from the 22 available interior leather colors and 100 exterior paint hues.

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