Bei Restaurant, Modern Environment for Dining

Everyone is excited and anxious to eat in a new restaurant, especially when the design is made by Neri & Hu Design and Research Office (NHDRO).
Situated in Beijing, China, this exceptional dining sits in a lower level of The Opposite House, a boutique hotel in the Beijing`s Chaoyang district.

The concept fixed the restaurant around a forest and clearing theme, with a sense of enclosure offered by the screens made out of dark stained wood that surrounds the main dining area. A low lightning creates a calm and peaceful environment and a perfect relaxing time for an Asian meal conceptualized by New Orleans- born New Yorker Max Levy.
Between the beautiful design and the detailed attention for food, a bar opens across almost the entire room and a large mirror offers you a widescreen directly focused on the chef`s creations.
Raw oak wood was chosen by NHDRO to attract attention and emphasize five private dining rooms.
The easiest way to see this great design and feel this wonderful ambiance is to visit it for yourself.

Bei Restaurant, Modern Environment for Dining

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