Behold The 747 Mirage Yacht By Frauscher!

The general rule is that the larger the yacht, the more luxurious it is, but true enthusiasts know that smaller vessels are sometimes more practical and just as comfortable, especially if they were built by reputable companies such as Frauscher. Dubbed 747 Mirage, this yacht was sketched out by Studio Kiska and Thomas Gerzer, while hydrodynamic expert Harry Miesbauer offered valuable input.

747 Mirage Yacht By Frauscher 1 747 Mirage Yacht By Frauscher 2 747 Mirage Yacht By Frauscher 3

What makes this vessel stand out among its peers is the fact that it offers enough seating for up to six people, all of whom will be able to enjoy a truly unique sailing experience. Main amenities include a leather sofa with a backrest, as well as an optional folding table in the bow area, a sunbathing area, and a bathing ladder at the rear with three retractable teak steps.

The audio equipment was made by brands such as Bose, Clarion, and Fusion Electronics, while other pieces of equipment are marine-certified, which means that they provide an incredible service life.

747 Mirage Yacht By Frauscher 4 747 Mirage Yacht By Frauscher 5

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  1. Stefano
    October 6, 2018 at 8:46 am

    Can I have more information of your differen models around 8 mt or max 10 mt