Beautifully Renovated Ross Residence in California

Designed by Griffin Enright Architects, this beautiful contemporary residence is located in a small Californian town, called Ross, just north of San Francisco. The property’s location gave the name of the house, so what you see in the photos below is the wonderful and cozy Ross Residence.

The position of the residence is special, as it is situated between a forested hill and lovely stream. A small bridge was built over the stream to direct visitors towards the carefully renovated house. The original construction was extended and it received a new entry, new foyer and a series of extruding geometries that complete its modern architecture.

The kitchen, dining and living area is also new, and it features a lot of wall space for the owner to display a nice collection of works of art. The open living seems to naturally extend towards the outdoors, evolving into a deck (also new) that ensures permanent connection with nature.

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