Beautiful MB&F HM5 RT Timepiece

Boasting a unique design as well as precious metals and dead-on accuracy, the new MB&F HM5 RT timepiece is quite impressive in all regards. As the official successor of the MB&F HM5, the RT version comes with an incredible red gold case and with a titanium interior, while its dial was inspired by the instrument panels of racecars from the 60s and 70s.

Moreover, this exquisite watch also comes with a small lever that opens up a series of slits on the top of the case. These slits were also inspired from the rear windows of 1970s and 1980s sports cars, and they allow light to enter the case so that it may charge the luminescent properties of the disks highlighting the hour and minutes.

Only 66 MB&F HM5 RT watches will ever be produced, each featuring a price tag of no less than $100,000. Clearly, a timepiece that is as original and beautiful as this could be worth even more.