Beautiful Mandeville Canyon Residence in California

Mandeville Canyon Residence in California (32)

Located in Brentwood, California, this remarkable private home with a unique rust-colored exterior was created for a couple who wanted to be involved in the design process. Known as Mandeville Canyon Residence, it was developed by Whipple Russell Architects as a romantic and contemporary horse ranch.

With a few Mediterranean influences, the home’sstyled was determined by its floor plan. Every area features clean lines and simple volumes, with spaces that seamlessly flow into one another. Thick walls alternate with deep openings of various shapes, which creates a fascinating play of light and shadows inside.

The connection with the outdoors is also remarkable. It is obviously facilitated by the extensive use of glass, especially towards the pool. Actually, the home seems to protrude into the clear water, thus further blurring the line between inside and outside spaces.