Beautiful and Luxurious Beach House

This luxurious beach house is situated in Curl Curl, New South Wales, Australia. Cplus Architects exploited the aesthetic and structural benefits of timber, creating a comfortable and modern house. The brown of the beautiful and sleek finishes matches perfectly with the green of the wildlife surrounding the residence. With two fish ponds, natural ventilation in the entire house, timber screening for shading and privacy and lush vegetation to cool the summer breeze, you can see what makes this house a luxurious, natural and modern residence.

The balcony area, which links the outside with the inside, offers magnificent views of the Australian surroundings. The rooms are spacious and comfortable and the colors of the design give you a feeling of relaxation and joy, contrasting with the elegant black of the bathroom.

This spacious, comfortable and contemporary home, which blends perfectly into its surroundings, is the ideal place for you and your family.


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