Beastly Lamborghini Urus 6×6

Pretty much every all-terrain vehicle manufacturer out there should tremble at the thought of Lamborghini creating its own rugged vehicle, and it looks like this nightmare might actually come true some day if the Urus 6×6 is any indication. Lamborghini is set to launch its Urus SUV sometime in the future, and even though that car could definitely tackle the world’s most unwelcoming trails without issues, the Urus 6×6 would take things to a completely new level.

Beastly Lamborghini Urus 6×6 1

This beastly ride was inspired by the Mercedes-Benz 6×6, but even though the Benz was used as a canvas for the project, the car boasts the unmistakable curves and menacing design of the Urus concept. Highlights include a blacked out body with red touches on the wheels, as well as a generous ride height and a ridiculous amount of storage space. Nobody knows if Lamborghini will actually manufacture a Urus 6×6 in the future, but we definitely have our fingers crossed.

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