Barbeque Dining Boat for Alfresco Dining on Water

Not enough money to buy a luxury yacht and enjoy a nice barbeque time on it together with your friends? No problem! Just go for the new Barbeque Dining Boat that you can see in the photos below. Large enough to accommodate up to ten people, the boat is equipped with absolutely all a barbeque party needs: a 24-inch steel charcoal grill, three cup holders for each guest, deepened plate holders, silverware trays, and even an umbrella for a fully-enjoyable alfresco dining experience.

With a polyethylene hull of 11 feet and 9 inches in diameter by 9 feet and 2 inches in height, the boat can also hold a quite large food supply. Its four rechargeable batteries can keep it running for up to 8 hours, ensuring an uninterrupted fun time with friends in the middle of the lake. The very special Barbeque Dining Boat can be yours for $50,000.

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