Bachelor Apartment in Sao Paolo

This modern apartment in Sao Paulo, Brazil was designed by Carol Leaes for an owner whose requirements were quite simple: he wanted one bedroom, a living area with open kitchen and some comfortable spaces where to “enjoy the simple pleasures of life”. As a reference, the owner mentioned Philippe Starck’s Faena Hotel in Buenos Aires.

To complete this project, Leaes had to work for approximately a year and a half, as only the search for the perfect property lasted four months. The designer had envisioned something great for her client and she had to make sure the apartment would offer a proper layout for the plan. She and her client finally decided to buy this particular apartment for two reasons: it had a free floor plan and it boasted unobstructed views of the only green space around Paulista Ave, the Trianon park. We love the final results!

Bachelor Apartment in Sao Paolo (9) 

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