Awesome Russian Hybrid Unveiled at Frankfurt Yo-Concept

Even though Russian automaker Yo-Auto (ë-Avto) is not very famous at the moment, its bold, innovative creations might just get it into the elite class of car manufacturers. At this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show they unveiled the outstanding Yo-Concept, a hybrid car with bold styling cues. Its most alluring feature (besides its eco friendliness) is the novel door opening mechanism. The two curved doors slide backwards and upwards, revealing a spacious interior and welcoming its passengers to an out-of-this-world experience.

Yo-Concept is not destined for production, but the automaker assures us that the car will inspire its future models. Unfortunately, nobody knows for sure which of Yo-Concept’s features will be repeated in the following Yo-Auto creations. The concept is reportedly one of four hybrid vehicles that the Russian car manufacturer is currently working on.Yo-Auto Frankfurt 2011 Photos (3)


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