Awesome Race Bags By Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has just revealed a brand new handbag collection that will definitely make quite a few heads turn. Inspired by NASCAR and Formula One races, the line includes vividly decorated handbags with daring colors and prints, and the models that received these unique decorations include the Alma, Neverfull and the Speedy.

Awesome Race Bags By Louis Vuitton 1

These wonderful accessories remind us of various uniform jackets worn by racecar drivers, as they flaunt a plethora of logos and sponsor branding. The “Vuitton” logo sits at the center of each piece, and it was implemented in large font in order to draw attention. LV’s own monogram is also present in different colors, while the gold hardware adds a welcomed touch of luxury to these otherwise sporty-looking bags.

Awesome Race Bags By Louis Vuitton 2 Awesome Race Bags By Louis Vuitton 3

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