Awesome HD800 S Headphones By Sennheiser

If you’re a true music lover, then surely you must be familiar with Sennheiser – a private German audio company that specializes in designing and producing a generous selection of consumer and high-fidelity products. The company has just released a much anticipated update for its HD800 headphone model, which is named HD800 S. Based on an upgraded 56mm transducer system, these headphones offer an incredibly detailed listening experience with less than 0.02 percent distortion. That’s basically no distortion at all!

Awesome HD800 S Headphones By Sennheiser (3)

As for the frequency response, it ranges from 4 to 51,000 Hz, so as you can probably tell by now, we’re talking about some serious equipment here. The materials used in the manufacturing process include stainless steel gauze, sound-dampening plastic and aviation-grade plastic for the earcups. A symmetrical XLR4 cable is also a part of the deal, which is always a welcomed addition. Even though the official price tag for the HD 800 S has not been revealed at the time of writing, we do know that the HD 800 retails for $1,899.

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Awesome HD800 S Headphones By Sennheiser (2)

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