Awesome Empire “Steam” Steampunk Speakers

Here’s something cool to put on your wish list: Airhammer Industries’ Empire “Steam” Steampunk Speakers (quite a tongue-twister). All coppery and rugged, these pieces will instantly change the feel of your room, becoming a strong focal point that’s absolutely impossible to ignore.

The octagonal cases are manufactured by hand from medium density fiberboard (MDF) and then finished with copper veneer. The steampunk design also includes bronze square head screws, brass washers, copper edge strips and exposed copper tubing for effect. To minimize corrosion, all copper elements have been sanded and clear coat painted. At the top you can see 1.5” thick granite plates.

Measuring 36” in height, 24” in width, and 24” in depth, the two speakers are not designed to be identical. Aihammer Industries can however customize your pair if you prefer perfect symmetry. Customers can also choose from 16 different types of copper veneer, as well as different materials for the tops.