Awesome Ducati Diavel Dark Motorcycle

Ducati has got a new goodie to boast, so all you diehard motorcycle enthusiasts, pay close attention to this. Boasting an irresistibly cool black paintjob and a very fitting name, this bike is incredibly close to perfection. It is called Ducati Diavel Dark and we kind of already can picture it inside Batman’s secret cave, always ready for adrenalin-pumping action.

Its proud stance, muscular look and well defined silhouette make it absolutely irresistible to any bike lover. We really like how its makers decided to keep the tail short and sporty and the front wheel very close to the body. When you look at it from the side you almost feel like Diavel Dark is tensed and ready to spring out in a surprise attack at any moment.

When that moment comes, 162 horsepower and 94 lb-ft of torque will take the motorcycle to very high speeds in no time. The price for this awesome package of style and muscle is $17,695.

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