Awesome Black Edition 360 Jet-Ski – World’s Fastest

How about hitting the 80 mph threshold in only 3 seconds, and do that on water? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? This awesome performance is offered by the limited edition Black Edition 360, also known as the fastest commercially available jet-ski in the world. It is manufactured by British company 158 Performance, who gave it 100 more horsepower than any other jet-ski on the market.

Only 100 units will ever be produced, adding a sense of exclusivity to this already super-appealing water toy. Each client will receive personal delivery, individual training, individual branding, and other perks. Jet-ski world champion had the privilege of riding this baby before any other layman, and his verdict was absolutely clear: “It practically pulls your arms off – this isn’t one for the weak-wristed!” he said, comparing it to his own race ski.

If you’re already the owner of a super exclusive luxury yacht, this toy-for-the-rich is definitely a must-have. You can add it to your fleet of fun watercrafts by parting with £20,000 (approx. $32,000).