Award Winning Fireplace: The Solaris by Heat & Glo

Award Winning Fireplace The Solaris by Heat & Glo

This gas fireplace over here is more than a special touch for a perfectly modern house. Or an elegant contemporary-style hotel lobby. Or any other place you think it will fit nicely.

The Solaris by Heat & Glo is like nothing else. It is, first of all, the world’s thinnest circular fireplace with an impressively shallow depth and a specialized vent. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Solaris can be set almost anywhere in your house. It boasts the firm’s unique transparent razor burner and the levitating flames.

There are two Solaris models available. The first one, the 36-ST, is the thin see-through fireplace that we already described above. The 36-MR however is a bit more special. This also produces a single flame at the center of the fireplace,  but it creates the illusion of infinity through mirrors and LED lights. And by ‘infinity’ we actually mean ‘very deep fireplace’.

You can have your own award winning Solaris (Best of Show and Best Gas Fireplace at Vesta Awards) for $11,999. And this is just the starting price.

Award Winning Fireplace The Solaris by Heat & Glo